You can find a glossary for Personal data protection policy here.

When you use the TDC Group’s services, we automatically collect a range of information in the form of log data. This data enables TDC Group employees to identify and analyse any faults that may occur in connection with services or the infrastructure that provides the data. Log data is stored on servers and typically looks like this:

  • 98.76.543.21 - 2 / Feb / 2017 9:22:12 - - Firefox 1.0.7; Windows NT 5.1 - 53628ebkam9292

  • 98.76.543.21 refers to the internet protocol (IP) address from which a user or system requested the web address

  • 2 / Feb / 2017 9:22:12 refers to the time and date of the request

  • refers to the web address requested by the user or system

  • Firefox 1.0.7; Windows NT 5.1 refers to the browser and operating system that makes the request 53628ebkam9292 refers to a unique, anonymised identifier linked to a computer and is used by developers to reproduce faults or identify which computer made which requests.

When you use products or services from the TDC Group, we collect information about your location, cf. the Danish data retention directive (“logningsbekendtgørelsen”).

The TDC Group and our subsidiaries collect and store information about the use of our products and services. This includes the use of cookies that can be used to identify your device. The usage statistics provide insight into where and how we in the TDC Group can improve our service and products.

When data is transferred between systems and applications within the TDC Group, this is typically done through unique application identifiers. This can be a number related to your installation address, a number that allows two systems to send data that communicates an action, or a username created by the end user to facilitate login in a TDC Group service.

The TDC Group can locally collect and store data on the device you are using or on internal or external (hosted) servers.

The data stored on your own devices can be removed by clearing your browser history or your application’s data cache.