Become a part of the TDC Erhverv Graduate '24 program.

The cyber threat is increasing day by day. Therefore, we have an ambitious security strategy to ensure that Danish society and all businesses and organizations can look forward to a more secure digital future. It's a calling for us. And it is supported, among other things, by our Security Operations Center, where security experts monitor and protect society from cyber attacks 24/7.

We need you to be an active part of the cyber defense in TDC Erhverv and keep hackers at bay. If you are more inclined to shape the future of digital marketing, we also need you to communicate and market our brand and offerings to more than 50,000 businesses. Every day, we help businesses look ahead in a digital age with full momentum.

On top, you become a part of the commercial and product teams - at the heart of product planning and development, support teams create and enhance products by delivering data-driven insights on customers and markets, including areas of improvement in the product lifecycle. In this role you will become part of the team that provides insights that influence management decisions on future product direction and investment.

TDC Erhverv is currently the market leader in Denmark in digital infrastructure and innovative IT security solutions that you can actively contribute to shaping and creating. In TDC Erhverv, we have a flat structure with high expectations of each other, whether you are a student assistant, graduate, specialist, or C-level. So, you will become an asset to the company while absorbing knowledge and experience as part of the Graduate '24 program.

Our graduate programs contain:

  • 1 year graduate program followed by 1 year guaranteed employment

  • Well-planned process with enthusiastic leaders and skilled mentors

  • Freedom under responsibility with room for immersion and specialisation

  • Great social community with colleagues and other graduates

Bring your career dream to life in one of our two Graduate Program.


Join the most skilled security team in IT and telecom

Graduate positions:

Monitors customer systems and infrastructure to detect and respond to cyber threats and attacks quickly and efficiently. As a graduate, you will gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in operational security, understanding the day-to-day life of a security analyst.

  • Development and tuning of alarm rules 

  • Handling of alarms 

  • Automation 

  • Threat hunting 

  • Threat intelligence 

  • Incident response 

  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and DDoS solutions 

  • Vulnerability scanning 

  • Customer reporting 

You will participate in development projects aimed at enhancing our SOC services and attend meetings with clients to gain insight into their security needs and challenges. 

The enthusiasm for technology sometimes surpasses legal considerations. With TDC Erhverv Cloudkey® we aim to bridge the gap between the increasing demand for compliance and the growing need for technology. TDC Erhverv CloudKey® is a solution that is more relevant than ever, and you can become part of the team.

  • Compliance consulting, both technically and organisationally 

  • Working with the Microsoft Security & Compliance package 

  • Development of encryption solutions in Java, Rust, C 

  • Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud 

  • Encryption in a broad sense 

One of the main solution delivery departments within TDC Erhverv. We deliver security and network architecture and design to some of the largest companies in Denmark and we are a main supplier of critical national security infrastructure. As specialists in handling operations, projects, and consulting tasks, we always aim to deliver world-class IT and as part of Graduate24, you can contribute.

Technical Network & Security Specialist

  • Working with leading brands on implementing and supporting security and network solutions to enterprise customers. 

  • Education, training, and the possibility to achieve certifications and deep knowledge insight into complex security solutions.

  • A future as a technical security consultant. 

Commercial Service Owner

  • Securing the right technical solutions for our standard offerings and built-to-order solutions. 

  • Develop and implement plans for migration and future technical solutions and skills in our security and network department cooperating with our leading brand partners. 

  • Develop technical bid writing skills in coordination with our technical specialists, sales, legal and bid management.

In TDC Erhverv Solutions UC, we work to leverage the new possibilities that AI brings to modern businesses. We have invested in a comprehensive AI platform (Cognigy) and are embarking on a series of exciting projects, both internal and customer oriented. We anticipate a growing need for qualified employees who can perform data analyses, explore software development potential, navigate complex issues, ensure security, and oversee various other tasks. 

  • Data analysis of complex systems 

  • Presales tasks involving a 360-degree analysis of customers and their potential 

  • Security setups and analyses 

  • Integration between AI systems and ERM/CRM/UC applications 

  • Development of customer-specific solutions 

  • Cloud-based AI solutions and their requirements 

  • Collaboration with customers on use cases 

  • Business development – contributing to creating focus 

  • Certification in AI products

Marketing & E-commerce

Accelerate your commercial skills in digital marketing and product management

Graduate position:

For you with a motivation for growth marketing and e-commerce. You will support create and implement strategies to optimise online transactions. You will be developing strategies to convert leads and opportunities. Further, you will organise, develop, and develop website marketing plans.

With your skills and interest in data analytics, you will assist colleagues identify areas for improvement within our online sales and marketing. 

The key responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Specialist:

  • Participate in developing the company’s e-commerce goals and KPIs

  • Identifying key areas for improvements, such as audience, acquisition, behavior, and conversions

  • Secure strategies to improve conversion through the sales and marketing funnel

You become a part of the commercial and product teams at the heart of product planning and development, support teams create and enhance products by delivering data-driven insights on customers and markets, including areas of improvement in the product lifecycle. You will also support in providing insights that influence management decisions on product direction and investment.

You will get the opportunity to rotate between marketing and commercial and product management to get the full picture of a product life cycle and how we work to create the best offerings and value propositions for our customers.

The key responsibilities of a Product Management Specialist:

  • Gather and analyze customer feedback

  • Evaluate products and find ways to improve performance

  • Create reports and presentations about product data findings

What we think you bring to the party 

  • We imagine that you have finished a multi-year higher education and want to join one of the country's leading tech companies to accelerate your career.

  • You have a commercial background/education or want to explore the possibility of bringing your academic education to use within the industry.

  • You have good planning- and organising skills, and you understand the importance of meeting deadlines.

  • You have a technical sense of detail and are thorough and structured in your approach to your tasks.

  • You are known for being proactive, curious, positive, quality-conscious, trust-building, a team player, efficient and committed.


Interested? Here's the next step

Talented and motivated colleagues look forward to meeting you. They know the value of collaboration and knowledge sharing but also the importance of maintaining a good balance between work and private life. So do not hesitate to apply.

We have addresses in both Copenhagen and Aarhus, and you will have one of the two locations as a base for your Graduate '24 program.

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Please provide us with your CV, latest transcript, and a short motivational letter. Also please select your preferred of the above-mentioned departments for us to match your preferences.

The deadline for applying is March 25th 2024. A graduate salary package applies.

Do you have questions?

Regarding the Cybersecurity program

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the position, the team, or the departments.

Lars Nørby,
tel.: 20206505,

Regarding the Marketing & E-commerce program

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the position, the team, or the departments.

Nicole Nielsen Oghene,
tel: 24492633